When Tunafish Jones takes center stage the crowd takes notice. Dressed in a suit, tie, high top Chuck Taylors and sunglasses, the petite lead  vocalist takes her fans' breath away the moment they hear her sing.  With hands flailing and feet constantly moving,  she  provides  a  unique  visual  performance  that  is  only outdone by her beautiful, powerful vocals.  Featuring Bruce McCracken on guitar and keyboards, and  Frank  Lightell  on sax and flute, thousands come out every year to hear the musical expertise of Tunafish Jones. They have released twelve Cds in the last thirteen years and their audiences keep coming back for more. Their fan mail describes it best.


"I   came    to   hear   you  last  week.   You   were   beautiful.  What  soul,  

what    fun   you   have.    What   a   gorgeous   sound   you   make.    The  whole

place   was   alive   with   your   music.    It   was   perfect."  


Tunafish  Jones  is  a  "must  see"   for  anyone   wanting  to  dance   the 

night  away  or just  bask  in  the  perfection  of  a class  act.



  • They All Went Away2:55

Tunafish Jones is a musical concoction created by "Marvelous Mars"  McCracken.

Influenced   early   on   by   Ella  Fitzgerald,   Della  Reese,   Miles  Davis,  Gerry

Mulligan, composer   Leonard   Bernstein  and  funk master  James  Brown,   Mars 

envisioned  a  band  that  could  mesh  the  free  for  all  hilarity  of  a  night  at  the

 juke  joint  with  the  profundity   of  a  symphonic  odyssey.  In short, Tunafish Jones.